What is Copyright and Ad Suitability Check on YouTube


Today I will discuss the Copyright & Ad-Suitability Checks 2021. So enjoy it and comment if you have any query on article.

When we upload a new video that time YouTube robot automatically checks the video content quality and copyright that have to include any copyright issue or ad compatibility problem. So after this update some times your uploading time needs more time but don’t worry you just complete your step.

Below I describe a screenshot for your more understanding.

Pic: YouTube Checking Option

Guidelines for this video:

1. YouTube checks option is the new update of YouTube so sometimes it’s taking a long time for checking your video and show it like – “youtube checking still running”. Don’t worry! complete your video setting and schedule for this video.

2. This checking option is good for the new YouTubers because they are not known all the rules …so it’s a better practice for all with new.

For more details:

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