What else is new on Android 12

Google IO 2021 has announced the beta version of Android 12 at the online meeting. Significant changes have taken place in this new version of Android. For example, from the visual design to the original software, the 12th version of Android has got a touch of novelty in every field, which is really great news for Android lovers.

Opened as a public beta so far, Android marks the OS’s biggest design change in 12 years, complete with customizable color palettes, stimulated alerts, and fast, battery-saving performance.

Moreover, we have deeply considered when the final framework will be allowed to be downloaded around.

Let’s take a look at all the new features that came with Android 12, changes, and its official release date.

Android 12 First Impression Design

The user interface is fully streamlined in Android 12. The new interface design is called “Material U”, which will vary depending on the user’s usage.

Whenever the user changes his wallpaper; Then the settings will change the color scheme of the notification panel, all system apps and support, and set wallpaper, including Quick Settings.

In other words, Android 12 is going to have the opportunity to use wallpaper-based themes. Widgets change as the theme changes. The design of the volume slider has also changed.

Other’s Settings & Important Topic

Fully customizable notification panel and quick settings panel. Moving away from the previous rounded panel, a more rectangular-shaped panel will be seen on Android 12. Quick settings will be easier to use for this new shape.

Quick settings tiles for Google Home and Google Pay will be available on Android 12. In addition, two more quick tiles will be added to facilitate microphone and camera access with one click. The change will be seen in the brightness slider icon. The option to pin an app or action in the quiz settings is also being added to Android 12.

The lock screen is also changing. The animation will be shown on this android based on how you are unlocking the phone. For example, if you unlock the phone with the power button, the screen light-up animation will be displayed from the side of the power button.

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If there is no notification, the lock screen clock will be displayed in a large size. Also, the color of the lock screen clock will change automatically to match the wallpaper. Calendar events and weather updates can also be seen from the lock screen. There has also been a change in the lock screen pin type menu, which looks a lot like iOS.

The performance of this update has got a touch of change. Users will get a better experience using Android than before for the benefit of smooth motion and animation. In the case of Android system servers, CPU usage has decreased by 22 percent, which will result in a significant improvement in performance in Android 12.

YouTube Video: Android 12 Design & Functionality

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