How to Do Email Automation in UiPath 2022

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What is Email Automation?

Mail exchanges that are automated are referred to as email automation. With the aid of UiPath RPA tools, we’ll demonstrate how to send an automated email to you today. The robot UiPath (UiPath) will assist us in accomplishing this.

Not a humanoid robot, UiPath Robot is a machine. It’s a computer program that acts like a robot human. Among the top RPA (Robotic Process Automation) businesses globally is UiPath. Around the world, it is dispersing quickly.

How to Automate Emails in Outlook

Try this UiPath Email using our instructions if you want to enhance your professional experience. The detailed description of this email automation procedure is provided below:

Step 01: Start by launching the UiPath application-

UiPath Studio

Step 02: Next, go to the Process section and start a new project.

Create a New Project

Step 03: If you select New Project, a pop-up window will open. The project name, file location, and description must be entered here. You must use C drive when choosing the file location, though. In order to prevent file damage even if your operating system is lost.

Click the ‘Create’ button after accurately entering the information.

Read this article:

Step 04: Our project will launch after selecting the Create button. Here, we must finish the process using the appropriate tools. Go ahead.

Step 05: We can now search for or drag new tools into our project from the tool’s settings on the left side.

Step 06: We’ll first add the “Send SMTP Mail Message” tool and then fill out the tool’s settings with the necessary data.

Step 07: To add files to the “Send SMTP Mail Message” command, an In Argument must be created. The path or location address of the location where the file is located must then be typed inside double quotation marks.

We must save the project once the justifications have been written. We will run the project through the Debug File after saving.

Step 08: After running the project, fix any errors if they appear. If not, we will check the email address that was entered into the mail settings.

Wow good! We have accomplished our goal; a mail has arrived in our mailbox which the sent UiPath robot. An image of our mail is shown below. You can learn more about email automation by watching our YouTube video.

See the photo that was included with the mail as proof-


The goal of UiPath Activity is to fully or partially automate your daily tasks. Use this automation to complete a variety of tasks, such as reading and editing PDF, Excel, or Word files.

Today’s leading technologies include robotic automation, hyper automation, machine learning, and others. Utilizing all these technological advancements, we can advance our various projects.

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YouTube Video: How to Send SMTP Mail using UiPath RPA Tools

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