How to Set Password on PDF file by Nitro Pro 2023

How to Set Password in PDF file by Nitro Pro 2022

You can set passwords on PDF file using Nitro Pro. It is very easy to do so. Just follow these steps. In this tutorial, we will show you- how to set password in PDF file using Nitro Pro.

You can easily protect your important documents by setting Passwords on them. Nowadays, many people store their important documents as PDF files. So, they should be protected from unauthorized access.

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What is PDF Security Password?

This PDF file is typically used for a variety of things. As a portable file, it is also quite well-liked. Therefore, this file is protected by some security measures. by which we can password-protect PDF files.

As a result, each time you access this file, you will need to enter the password you created. In this scenario, even if your file were to end up in the wrong hands, a password would prevent that person from accessing it. We can guarantee the proper use of a PDF file in this way.

Adobe Acrobat refers to this password as the document open password even if other PDF programs may call it the PDF user password or the PDF document open password.

How to Set Password on PDF File using Nitro Pro

To start, below are the guidelines for setting how to set password protect a file by using the Nitro Pro program:

Step 01: Launch your Nitro Pro application first. The Nitro Pro program must then be opened in order to set a password for a PDF document.

To set a password first, click the “Protect” tab in the top menu bar. Then, choose the “Password Protect” option. Check out the image below:

Password Security Option of Nitro Pro
Password Security Option of Nitro Pro

Step-02: After choosing the “Password Protect” option in the second step, a pop-up box will show up. You must enter a secret password to secure your PDF file there.

Password Security Pop up Screen
Password Security Pop-up Screen

There are two ways to set the password here:

1. Open Password: This document-opening password is applicable. You will be prompted for the password each time when you access or open your file.

2. Permission Password: To enable or disable permission for different document settings, this password is necessary. For instance, you should disable the print settings in this permission password if you believe that nobody will be able to print your document. then nobody will be able to print the file.

File Open Password
File Open Password

Through these password settings, you can manage file edits, image changes, text copies, size changes, signature changes, etc. in addition to printing.


Step-3: Our password settings are now complete. Now you may securely share the file with anyone online or offline without worrying about anything. Because the person who will utilize the file will want a password to open it right away. The file can only be opened by entering the password.

( Caution: Keep in mind that it won’t be possible to retrieve or restore the full file if you forget or lose the password you specified. Thus, keep your passwords in a secure location. )

In this manner, you may quickly and securely save any of your PDF files with just a few clicks. If you want to increase the file’s security, you can also experiment with the security options for the PDF certificate.

It is more secure because if you encrypt a file with a certificate, it cannot be opened without the certificate file, making it more secure. In this instance, the file is more likely to be corrupted if it is opened in a different way. We’ll write articles on this eventually. Below, you’ll find a link to download Nitro Pro-

Nitro Pro PDF Editor Download: Click here to download


About all new software and tool settings for various applications, we create articles on a regular basis. Do not forget to let us know if there are any additional tools or programs that you would like to learn about. Always at your disposal is our team.

How to secure a PDF file using a certificate will be covered in the next article. Stay with us till that time. Hafez Allah

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