How to Turn Off Hibernation in Windows 10

turn off hibernation

Turn Off Hibernation: A computer can shut down while in the hibernation mode and save its current state to resume when restarted. Similar to hibernation sleep mode in that all open files, websites, and user data are visible once the computer is turned on.

Computer benefits from hibernation include network and power savings. The power is completely shut off during hibernation, and the hard drive of the computer records the machine’s current state.

How to turn off Hibernation

1. Below is a step-by-step process of Hibernation Turn Off:

The Command Prompt option will appear after you click on the Windows start-up option and type cmd. Now select it with the right-click and select Run as Administrator. You could also press Win + R and type cmd to see this option.

2. Now that Command Prompt is open, we need to start working.

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3. Here, we first need to check the hibernation status of the machine. Hibernation check command – powercfg.exe / a

After typing the command and pressing enter, the screen shown below will appear,

4. We, if hibernation is off, then we have to turn it on by command. Type the following command and press Enter – powercfg.exe / hibernate on

5. After applying the Hibernation On command, we will again check the Hibernation Status of the machine. To check type – powercfg.exe / a

Looking at the picture above, it is understood that the Hibernation of our machine is available, which means it has become active.

Finally, hopefully friends, you understand how to turn off hibernation.

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