How to Remove Pop Up Ads on Samsung Phone

turn off ads

Turn Off Ads

The leading mobile brand in the world is Samsung. They are introducing numerous new features and models every day. Recent updates to Samsung Mobile automatically displayed pop-up advertisements, which is very annoying. I’ll therefore demonstrate today how to disable ads on your Samsung phone.

  1. Open your Mobile Settings option
  2. Then click on the Privacy option
  3. Now, click Customization Service
  4. Tap the option to stop ads, customized ads, and direct marketing after you’ve opened the customization service.

01. Open your Mobile Settings option

Step No – 01

02. Privacy option

Step No – 02

03. Then tap the Privacy option.

Step No – 03
Step No – 04
Step No – 05

Your automatic ad notification will likely stop when you disable this setting, in my opinion. You could also try disabling the Galaxy Store notification on your Samsung phone.

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