AnyDesk Whitelist by Controlling User Access

AnyDesk Whitelist

AnyDesk Whitelist

Let’s first talk about AnyDesk before discussing AnyDesk Whitelist. AnyDesk is currently among the most widely used remote desktop programs. It’s a 3-MB small size of software, but it packs a lot of punch.

At various times, those of us who typically use remote applications for office or any support work. It is an incredibly user-friendly and secure app for them. Although there are some extra benefits for premium users, it can also be used in the free version.

The easiest to use remote work program is AnyDesk Whitelist, and it offers unlimited remote work in its free version. We will talk about AnyDesk Whitelist today as well.

First of all, open the AnyDesk application & Click the Settings option.

Then, click on the Security tab from the Settings option. Remember that this Security tab is more important for accessing and securing your any desk connection. Check the below Security Tab Screen –

02. Security Tab

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AnyDesk Access Control List

After clicking that, now attention to the Access Control List option in the Security Tab. This access control is our today’s session, first of all, I describe to this Access Control, actually, access control is the access monitoring section & if this option is enable then anyone doesn’t connect your AnyDesk permission account because of only describe ID Number will connect to your AnyDesk software.

So, if you are a single user or personal user then it’s not necessary to set up because you entered the new ID that will you connected every time. So, I think it’s very hassle work for personal use, but you can use it for server monitoring or more secure place settings in the remote connection area. Check the below screen of Access Control List – It’s also AnyDesk whitelist

Access Control Settings
03. Access Control Settings / Whitelist Monitoring

When you set up this Access Control or restrict user access kindly attention to entered ID number because it’s very important. If you entered the wrong ID then you can’t connect with AnyDesk in any way. So, be careful about the setup to this option. Every time entering a new AnyDesk ID & click on Enter button for confirmation to add the checklist.

Now, kindly attention to the bellow screen and ID number-

This is my AnyDesk ID and Dashboard. So, if I enable the Access Control option then anyone like you don’t connect with my machine. So, it’s a very secure option for AnyDesk. You can try it, for more descriptions you can check out my YouTube Video.

YouTube Video: How to Set Up AnyDesk Whitelist Access Control Settings

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