How to Edit PDF File in Nitro Pro 2023

How to edit pdf file
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You can edit PDF files using Nitro Pro. It’s easy to do and you don’t have to be an expert. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to open, edit, and close PDF files. We’ll also teach you how to add text, images, and other objects to your document.

Nitro Pro 2022

Nitro Pro 2022 is an advanced PDF editor that allows users to edit, merge, split, crop, rotate, resize, add text or images, create bookmarks, and more. It also has many other features such as OCR, PDF/A-1b compliance, and much more.

Nitro Pro PDF is a powerful tool that helps you convert files from one format to another. With its help, you can easily convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, etc.

How to Edit PDF File in Nitro Pro?

Want to learn how to edit PDF files? Then read our step-by-step process here! We are presenting some tips on editing PDFs so you can create documents that look great and work perfectly.

Step-01: To edit PDF files, we first require the Nitro Pro application. If you haven’t downloaded the program yet, click the link below to do so. The free version of the application does not provide access to all functions.

Therefore, you have the option of buying the premium version or downloading the file from the free software website with a free license. Download Nitro Pro 2022.

Step-02: Use the Windows Start or Search bar to launch the application after the file has been downloaded and installed.

Dashboard of Nitro Pro
Dashboard of Nitro Pro

Step-03: Open a PDF file to start editing it. From the Nitro Pro program menu bar, select File > Open to access the file.

File Option of Nitro Pro
File Option of Nitro Pro

Step-04: A window will open after selecting the Open option so that you can choose the file. Then click the Open button after choosing the PDF file you wish to modify. Additionally, if you simply drag a file without selecting any options and drop it on the application’s dashboard, the file will open.

How to Open pdf file in nitro pro
Select Computer File

Step-05: Now, We will edit the file after opening it. To edit once more, open the Nitro Pro application and select Edit > from the menu bar. Then, click the Edit icon that appears below the cursor.

how to edit pdf file
Edit Option of Nitro Pro

Step-06: Your file will be ready for modification once you choose Edit. Now click on the file’s item that you wish to change. The subject is selected with a single click, and text editing mode is activated with a double click.

how to edit text in pdf file
Edit Text in PDF

You can now choose to edit any text or delete text in nitro pdf by using the delete key on the keyboard.

How to Add Image in PDF File

We’ll now look at how to include photos in a PDF file. We’ll do this by using the Nitro Pro application’s Edit menu.

Step-01: Open the Nitro Pro application and select the Edit menu. When you click it, a selection of options will appear below. To upload our image, we must now choose the ‘Add Image‘ option from here.

How to add image in pdf file
Add Image Option

Step-2: After selecting the “Add Image” option, a window will appear. From here, you choose an image from your computer to include in the PDF document.

After adding the image file, you can resize it or drag it to make it smaller, then position it according to the location in your PDF document where you wish to replace the image.

add image to pdf file
Add Image to PDF

Here is where a PDF file can have images added to it. Please post your inquiries in the comments section if you have any.

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