How To Add Game in YouTube Description 2022


The biggest platform for sharing videos online is YouTube. On this platform, millions of videos are uploaded each day. Technical videos, educational videos, movies, documentaries, funny clips, video games, and countless other categories are among the uploaded videos.

You will learn how to add a game title to YouTube’s “Game Title” section today.

Easy way to add game title to the YouTube description:

We’ll now demonstrate how to include game names in YouTube videos. To understand the entire procedure, carefully follow our step-by-step guide:

  • Visit YouTube, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the page, and select “YouTube Studio” to add game titles to any of your videos.
  • Once the YouTube Studio page has opened, you must choose a video by clicking the “Content” video option on the left.
  • Then, click the video to which you need to add the game’s title, and your video will open in edit mode with the “Edit” option. Find the “Category” option at the description’s bottom. The image is shown below.
  • Choose “Gaming” from the drop-down menu after finding the Category option. Once you choose it, a new list or type box will show up. Type the name of your game now.
  • When you type a game’s title, a list of suggested games appears; you can choose one of them if you like. And if the name of your game is not listed on YouTube, you must ask for it to be added. If not, YouTube will add the game’s title automatically, though it might take some time. You must wait because of this.
  • Finally, once you’ve chosen, you’re done. Save the video, then go away. [Save button in upper right corner]

YouTube game settings – Add Game in YouTube

See the above screenshot

Add game titles when uploading YouTube videos

You must set the Game Title when uploading a new YouTube video if you want to use it when a video is uploaded to your channel. To do that, follow the same procedure as above and choose the gaming category on YouTube.

It’s important to note that whether or not you add this gaming channel, your video’s view will remain unchanged. To change, it is a complete myth that adding this title will increase your exposure, views, and subscribers, or that leaving it out will decrease them.

But your video won’t be harmed, I assure you. It will be much simpler to recognize your video content and possibly serve it to the appropriate audience if you use proper SEO and category separation with your YouTube videos.

You should subscribe to all of the top gaming YouTube channels if you’re a new YouTuber. It shares 111 million subscribers with PewDiePie, the most popular gaming YouTube channel as of 2022. Stay with us if you’d like to learn more about keyword research, video analytics, and channel optimization.

Friends, hopefully this lesson has helped you understand how to add “Game Title” to a YouTube video.

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YouTube: How to Add Game Title in YouTube Description

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