Difference between Surface Web vs Dark Web

Surface Web vs Dark Web

When we hear the term “dark web,” we immediately think of something scary or sinister. The online world is truly terrifying. Where thousands of illegal activities, such as smuggling, child pornography, website hacking, drugs, weapons, human trafficking, and terrorism, are organized.

Every day, every hour, every minute we interact with different people or in different countries via the web (internet), but did you know that this browsing is only a tiny fraction of the entire web internet world? … and let’s give the world a rest. Let’s learn a little bit more.

The websites that we frequently visit, to put it more simply. And the websites that appear when we conduct a Google search—for instance, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other major internet services—are incredibly insignificant in comparison to the dark web.

Table of Contents

  • What is Clearnet
  • Surface Web, Bergie Web, Deep Web
  • What is the Dark Web or Darknet and How does it work?
  • Private Web
  • Marianas Web

What is Clearnet?

We will first understand what is Clearnet? Clearnet is the content on the Internet that we typically and effortlessly access using a browser on a daily basis. The Internet gateway is another name for it.

For example: YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia are the example of Clearnet.

Level 1: Surface Web

The searchable portion of the Internet is this. This includes websites or data that can be discovered through a Google search. The Surface Web is the living room if the Clearnet is the “door.” You just need to pick and choose what you need from a place where many things are kept. At this level, all information is available to everyone and open for access.

For Example: Blog, Reddit, Tumblr, Amazon and eBay.

Level 2: Bergie Web

The last level that you can typically access is this one. On this level, there are some dark websites that you can’t normally access. Between the “Surface Web” and the “Deep Web,” there is a layer that provides information on “how to access the Deep Web.”

Along with other things, it also includes peer to peer file sharing networks, porn, and hacking.

For example: WikiLeaks

Read this articles

Level 2: Deep Web

You require a “Proxy Server” from this point on to replace your online identity. These include things like child porn, gore, hacker websites, information sharing, and many more. Tor Browser, other programs, and specialized web browsers are the only ways to access these deep websites.

That will provide a proxy for you. The primary goal of using this browser is to keep your identity private, as well as the identities of anyone you are communicating with or websites you are visiting.

It’s a good idea to be aware that most Deep Web websites are inaccessible via a standard browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.).

Level 4: Dark Web or Darknet

There are two sections to this web page:

Part 1 of the article: You can get in touch with black marketers here using the Tor browser; they offer to sell you drugs, weapons, and other items, but human trafficking is by far the most popular.

Part 2: It’s no longer simple to access because you need to upgrade your hardware. A closed shell system is required. You can find explicit child pornography, scientific data, and eerie information here, including details about “The 13th Law,” experiments conducted during World War II, and the location of Atlantis. The internet’s scariest section is this.

Level 5: Private Web

A mythical aspect of the internet is this. They only have access to specific people, much like covert government agencies. Other more serious problems include the use of human flesh, the sale of child pornography, the sale of weapons, hit men, human trafficking, and terrorism. It is not advisable to enter this area of your web because it is the deepest part and is extremely scary and dangerous.

Level 6: Marianas Web

The battlefield is located in this deep level. This level is never attempted. Direct entry cannot occur. It is an online command center. At this level, nobody is exactly sure what is there. Many claim that its protective qualities are too vast and intricate to comprehend. Therefore, nobody wants to come in.

So guys, if you didn’t know what the surface web and dark web were before, at least learn what they are and how they operate. You might now feel that what you have been doing is incorrect. due to the fact that the web platforms we use (like YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) only make up a small portion of the internet.

Final Comment

Guys, let’s hope you now know a little bit more about the surface and dark webs. You may now believe that what you have been doing thus far is incorrect. Because the web platforms—like YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.—that we once considered to be a significant portion of the internet world are actually only a small portion of it.

Because there are significant social platforms like Facebook and YouTube where anyone can have an anonymous conversation.

You can consider what I will say in closing as advice or my opinion. Using it without knowledge or understanding is improper because it can result in significant harm. I’ll try the dark web if anyone is interested.

It would be best to ignore my opinion. Due to its size, the largest cyber security forces in the world are constantly keeping an eye on who is using it.

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