How to Configure TeamViewer Unattended Access

TeamViewer Unattended Access is the most popular setting in the TeamViewer Application. Today we will discuss this setting. Stay with us and follow our instructions. Let’s have a look at what TeamViewer is?

What is TeamViewer?

One of the most popular remote desktop programs is TeamViewer. Which is frequently used to link multiple PCs and remotely control or manage any device via the internet.

Suppose you have a friend who lives far away and his computer is having issues. You could fix the issue from your home by connecting to his computer over the Internet using this TeamViewer program. Additionally, you can use a remote desktop to access any computer in your office.

What’s in our episode from today:

  • What is TeamViewer?
  • What is TeamViewer used for?
  • How to set up TeamViewer Unattended Access?
  • How to Connect TeamViewer PC to PC?
  • How to Download TeamViewer App in Laptop?

What is TeamViewer used for?

It is TeamViewer’s responsibility to establish a remote session. You can use this team viewer to complete any file transfers, meetings, conversations, classes, or meetings.

Every day, TeamViewer expands their service with new features. At first, TeamViewer only supported remote sessions. However, we can now schedule a number of official meetings thanks to this. As a result, this software’s workload grows every day.

Additional features will be added to TeamViewer if you purchase the Prime package. You can easily perform remote computer or server health checks, storage checks, monitoring, etc., which we are unable to do with the free version.

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How to Configure TeamViewer for Unattended Access?

Earlier, we covered a lot of description on TeamViewer. A TeamViewer ID and an automatically generated temporary password are typically required for access to the TeamViewer application. Observe the photo below-


But what about that? Turn on TeamViewer after restarting your computer or after closing it. This current password, also known as a temporary password, is updated automatically. For this reason, each time you want to connect to TeamViewer, you must also share the ID and password. The TeamViewer ID number does not change, which is good to know.

Today, we’ll look at how to set up TeamViewer’s Unattended Access feature in order to reset the password. Stay with us until then and pay close attention to everything we do.

Step 01: Open the TeamViewer program first. Afterward, from the TeamViewer home screen, select Unattended Access and then click twice. Grant Easy Access after launching TeamViewer on Windows.


Step 02: When you choose option number 2, you will be prompted for an ID and password to assign the user. Your TeamViewer ID and password must be entered here. Likewise, if there isn’t one, one should be opened.


Once the user has been assigned, check to make sure the user name appears. This indicates that Easy Access is authorized for the user.


Step 03: Once the account has been assigned, select Settings in TeamViewer.


Step 04: Then choose Security > Unattended Access. You can access the remote computer at any time with Easy Access, according to the message that will appear here later. For this, you must set up a unique password.


Step 05: To set personal password by accessing Advanced > Show Advanced options, then > Personal Password – settings options.

After that, create a unique strong password here. But be cautious when creating the password. Consequently, the password should be an 8-digit strong password. Because your machine could be harmed or misused if the password is in the wrong hands.

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Step 06: Our TeamViewer Unattended Access setup is finished after we set the password. We will now establish a trial remote session. Therefore, let’s look.

How to Connect TeamViewer PC to PC?

The following describes how to connect Unattended Access to TeamViewer:

Step 1: First, we must launch the TeamViewer application. Then, as per standard procedure, we must type the remote computer’s TeamViewer ID and press Enter.

Step 02: You will then be prompted for a password after providing your ID in Step 2. Next, we must enter the TeamViewer unattended access password that settings personal password that we separately set up. Once you hit enter, our remote computer will soon be connected. We are now able to use the remote computer as any regular user would.

However, you must always have your computer on and be connected to the internet.

How to Download TeamViewer App in Laptop

The most popular option is TeamViewer Remote. So, almost every platform, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Raspberry Pi, etc. are available.

So you can download and use TeamViewer totally free of cost. On mobile devices, it is also accessible in versions for iOS and Android. Both free and premium versions are offered.

TeamViewer Download for PC: Click here


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