How Do I Automate Data Entry from Excel to my Website


Automate Data Entry in UiPath

All actions will be carried out automatically by UiPath. We’ll explain how to automate web data entry from Excel to my website in this video. UiPath is the most popular and commonly used RPA tool available worldwide. I, therefore, suggest making use of this application. This task is quick and easy for everyone. Watch and read my YouTube video, please.

Step 01: Create a new project first before beginning to automate data entry.

Uipath Automate Data entry

Step 02: After creating your project, please follow the instructions in the YouTube video that is linked below.


Step 03: I’m using my own development website for this project, which declares an example of data automation. So, using my real-world UiPath data automation example will help you grasp it better.

testing system

Step 04: All of the data are then entered into my testing development server utilizing the Excel file after this automation procedure is finished. You can also try utilizing any data entering the website for this.

excel automation

Thanks to everybody. I would appreciate it if you watched my YouTube video for more details.

YouTube Video: How do I automate Data Entry from Excel to my Website

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