How to Connect AnyDesk Multiple Sessions at the Same Time

How to Connect AnyDesk Multiple Sessions at the Same Time
AnyDesk Multiple Sessions

AnyDesk Multiple Sessions means multiple users on one computer simultaneously. In the modern world, AnyDesk is a very common Remote Desktop program. This application is simple to download and install. A premium subscription is required to access the full features of this application’s free version.

If your device supports it, AnyDesk can run an infinite number of sessions from a single computer. On a single device, AnyDesk can run multiple sessions. The free version of the app also supports this setting.

One of the best remote desktop programs currently on the market is AnyDesk. Because it has a very small file size and strong performance. Today, we will discuss how to connect two pc with AnyDesk or multiple computers at a time.

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How to Setup AnyDesk Multiple Sessions

As a result, let’s examine how to connect AnyDesk multiple User or Session functions-

Step #01: Installing the AnyDesk application on your device is the first step.

Step #02: Launch the AnyDesk application after the installation is complete.

Step #03: Now connect to the initial session.

Step #04: After the first session has been established, we will now establish a connection to the second session. Right-click the AnyDesk icon in the Windows taskbar to connect to the second session. A list will then appear; from here, select New Session. Check out the photo below-

Step #05: After selecting New Session, enter the AnyDesk ID once more and hit Enter as we did in the first session. Many thanks Our subsequent meeting is also linked. This will allow us to link the third session to the mobile device. Mobile device connections are not subject to different rules.

The three connections we have active at once are depicted in the image above. I’m currently logged into three different AnyDesk gadgets.

The fact that AnyDesk has no connection restrictions is one of its biggest benefits. As a result, you can connect with anyone and work remotely for as long as you like. We’ve already established three connections, but you can add more if you like. However, if your device’s performance is poor, you won’t be able to manage multiple connections at once.

I hope this article has answered any questions you may have had about the AnyDesk Multiple User connection. In any case, feel free to leave a comment if you still have any questions.

How to Download AnyDesk:

YouTube: How to Connect AnyDesk Multiple Sessions

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