10 Easy Steps to Start Blogging Free

Earn money by writing or blogging. Please enjoy this blog post. Start carefully reading this article if you have 15 minutes to spare. There are many ways to make money online, but why blogging, what is the source of money earned by blogging, how to start blogging, and how much money can be earned by blogging in a month are all questions answered in this episode of our today.

First and main, I will tell you a story about a man who can be described as the leader of SEO and digital marketing. But it all started with this blog. Neil Patel was born in London, but his father moved him to America when he was two years old.

He was taken from his life when he was a 16-year-old student. Then, in 2001, he launched his first website and considered launching a career. And digital marketing training. Then he began writing various digital marketing services and blogging using his own education and knowledge.

Because he desired to share his knowledge with all. Then he gradually gained popularity as a digital marketing and blogging expert. His website now receives over a lakh daily visitors. But his journey was not without difficulties.

There are also many more successful bloggers, such as Neil Patel, Darren Rose, Syed Balkhi, and Jeff Bullas. They all began at zero. But they didn’t give up because they knew he’d be successful in this work. That is why mindset is crucial for new entrepreneurs.

Always keep in mind that there will be many obstacles to overcome whenever you begin something or after you begin it. However, you shouldn’t be impatient or depressed in the interim. The fact that their posts receive so few organic visitors when they first start out is one of the biggest frustrations for bloggers. The solutions to all of these issues are covered below. Do it now.

The questions below are for you if you’ve decided to start a blog.

Do you want to make a career out of it? Are you in school? Do you want to blog in addition to working? Can you commit to 2 hours per day? Or do you want to make more money through blogging?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you should. you are able to First and foremost, let me clarify. You don’t need any prior blogging experience to get started.

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10 Easy Steps to Start Blogging

We’ve known for a very long time why to blog, what the point is, how to make money, etc. But the topic we’ll cover right now is how to start a blog. To earn 25–30,000 taka by blogging was the topic of our episode.

However, I believe that if you adhere to the advice below, it will only take you about 5 to 6 months to reach this goal. Take the following relevant factors very seriously before you begin blogging:

  1. Select an appropriate blog topic
  2. Select an Excellent domain name
  3. Select a high-level web host
  4. Website in WordPress
  5. A computer or mobile device is used for blogging
  6. When writing articles, be original.
  7. Examine the proper article keywords
  8. Social media Sharing
  9. Continue writing your articles.
  10. Enabling monetization

1. Select an appropriate blog topic

The first topic we’ll talk about is picking the best blog topics. Because it’s crucial to establish your goals and subject before beginning any work. You should be aware of the topics that are very popular for blogging before choosing one. And what language will you use to write on your blog—English, Bengali, or some other language?

You should have all of these inquiries and responses ready in advance. Because English is in such high demand today and has such a high keyword rating and search value. As a result, any English-language blog that receives visitors has a relatively high income.

However, it’s also true that you’ll feel much more at ease if you write your blog in your native tongue. You do have a choice, though. To help you choose your topic, the topics of some well-known blogs are listed below:

  1. Technology
  2. Health and Fitness Tips
  3. Online SCO and Digital Marketing
  4. Education or online training
  5. Reviews of various products
  6. IT Tips and Tricks
  7. Cooking and Recipes
  8. Travel and Guideline
  9. sports news
  10. Software tips etc

Your blog could focus on any of the aforementioned subjects. But in my opinion, you will have much easier success if you start a blog about the subject in which you are more knowledgeable.

Health insurance and technology are both very popular today.

Actually, anyone can shop on the internet. Here, anyone can launch their own business. So be sure to regularly check our blog posts. And if you want, you can get in touch with us. We offer completely free digital advice on running a profitable online business.

2. Select an Excellent domain name

A good name promotes your blog’s brand. That is why you must select a suitable name for your blog.

Choosing a domain name, in my opinion, should take some time. You can take 1-2 days if necessary. Because you will have to live with this name for the rest of your life. Some suggestions for selecting a good domain name-

  1. Try to keep the domain name between 8 and 12 characters in length.
  2. Avoid using numbers or hyphens in the domain name.
  3. Using this domain, Leandomainsearch.com can easily select your domain name.
  4. Choose the top-level domain.com.
  5. It is preferable if the domain contains words related to your topic. For example, for technical blogs, it is preferable if your domain name includes any word related to technology.

You can choose a lovely name for your domain by considering the points mentioned above.

3. Select a high-level web host

Choose the best web hosting for your website. Many people choose this topic incorrectly. Because the hosting server contains all of your website’s information, it is critical that the site remains operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This is why you select a low-quality hosting provider. However, it will be obvious that your website is unavailable for several hours each day.

If such a site is unavailable for the majority of the day, and any of your visitors come and go during that time. The visitor will no longer want to visit your website. As a result, Google’s page ranking will gradually decline.

As a result, I believe you should host your website on a server in the United States or Singapore. You can get it directly from GoDaddy, HostGator, and other hosting companies. Click here to purchase the top-tier hosting packages we’ve arranged for you.

4. Website Development in WordPress

Website development now necessitates the purchase of a domain and hosting for your blog. When they come here, many people make major mistakes.

Many people spend a lot of money to create a website. Many people are hesitant to begin blogging due to the high cost of site development. I also assumed that building a website would be expensive. But then I discovered WordPress and discovered that it only takes 2-3 hours to create a simple blog site and that the cost is relatively low.

Did you know that WordPress is used to create 65% of all websites? because you can create large websites like e-commerce for nothing using WordPress. There are also tens of thousands of free and paid themes and plugins available for use.

Visit this website to very inexpensively create a WordPress website. Another fantastic benefit of using WordPress is that you can change your site’s entire design for nothing at any time.

Finally, in my opinion, those who want to start new blogs can do so by starting with WordPress. Because there are many free tools available here for SEO or website promotion. which you can also use to perform SCO of your website on your own.

5. A Computer or mobile device used for writing blogs

If you’re considering starting a blog. You must then have the desire to write. A computer or a mobile device is required to complete this writing.

But many people query whether we can begin blogging from a mobile device. My response would be, “Yes, you can.”

But you must also be aware of the numerous restrictions placed on mobile. For instance, designing your website from a mobile device is very challenging, but it is very simple to do from a computer.

Additionally, many things cannot be properly seen on a mobile device because of the small screen size. Additionally, you will experience a lot more issues.

Therefore, a computer is essential if you want to quickly grow the popularity of your blog. because you must frequently visit different websites in order to conduct keyword research, analyze the website, and perform site maintenance. Mobile devices are unable to accomplish this.

6. Think unique in article writing

When you put a lot of time into writing an article, you hope that everyone will read it. Because of this, your writing must stand out or be original.

A distinctive article is crucial for developing new organic keywords. At the moment, Google thoroughly examines a new site before granting it access to its monetization service. Additionally, duplicate content can make it difficult to monetize your website.

For this reason, after starting a blog, always plan to post at least 15-20 unique pieces of content, each of which should be at least 1500 words long.

Why should anyone read your writing when there are thousands of new blogs available worldwide today and everyone is creating content based on their own ideas? Because of this, every time you write an article, you must employ a novel technique.

7. Research the correct keywords of articles

You must conduct keyword research for this article after writing it. Since more people will see your post the better your article’s keyword research,

And you will fall far behind in Google searches if the keyword research is poor. As a result, give each post at least two hours to research keywords. It will be simple to attract organic visitors as a result.

What are keywords, exactly? What about the resource itself?

Observe the photo above. when we typically enter a search term into Google. Then, from its own keyword list, Google displays words that exactly match your text. These words that are visible are keywords.

As a result, the title will feature this keyword more frequently the more frequently you use it in your writing. Google will evaluate it and rank these posts for you. To do a keyword analysis of your website, you can do so by consulting various websites and YouTube videos. I’ve included a few crucial links below:

1. Neil Patel Blog

2. MOZ Keyword Research

3. Keyword Research Tool

Two website links and one keyword research tool are provided above. Nearly three years have passed since I started following Neil Patel. He truly deserves the title of “king of digital marketing.” Because every one of his writings piques one’s curiosity about learning something new. You can also read one of his writings if you have the time.

8. Social media sharing

When you first start blogging. Sharing on social media can then significantly increase your exposure. Many bloggers have told me that they only use social media for blog marketing. Each of their websites receives more than a thousand visitors each day.

But you should always keep in mind that more of your visitors should come from natural keyword searches. The Google rating of your website will then rise. Consider this fact: Your site receives 100 daily organic visitors and 1000 daily visitors from social media. Which one is ideal for your website, do you know?

Of course, organic traffic is always beneficial for a website’s Google ranking. Therefore, social media sharing should continue along with the SEO of your website.

9. Keep up the article writing

Any irregularity is undesirable. Thus, blogging is another instance of this. Publish a rule on your website. Indicating when new posts are made on your website will help your visitors.

The ranking of the website will improve if you post frequently. Because if you frequently publish new content, those who are site subscribers will at the very least receive site notifications, click the link, and at least later view the article.

Additionally, visitors who regularly visit your site will stop doing so if you don’t add new content because they have already read all of your articles.

As a result, those who begin new blogging should make an effort to adhere to this point. The rule states that at least one post should be left every week, if not daily.

10. Making monetization easier

We proceed to the final point one by one. It is now up to you to determine how to make your site monetizable. If you want to monetize your site, you can follow some additional guidelines.

If you have a WordPress site, you can install the Rank Math plugin. Then you can prepare each of your posts for monetization. There are also numerous other plugins that can help you with your SCO or keyword research.

In addition, you should make at least 25-30 separate posts. Always try to write in your native language and avoid copy-pasting. You should also index your posts in Google, Bing, and Yandex. Indexing will gradually increase the number of organic visitors to your site.

Google Console and Bing Webmaster are required to make your site monetizable. You can make it happen. Stay tuned for more information on this topic. If you do all of these things correctly, you should have no trouble monetizing the site.

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